An integrated Internet identity solutions provider, we help our clients define and implement their Internet marketing strategies across all formats of online media to ensure better visibility and more targeted traffic. Some of our most popular services are:

Online Reputation Management or ORM refers to the practice of consistent research, analysis, and management of one’s reputation as represented by published content across all types of online media. As part of its ORM services, Creative Lipi works with clients to help develop and implement a comprehensive reputation strategy, which includes monitoring, building, safeguarding, and even repairing a reputation.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the science of increasing one’s corporate asset ranking on the organic search results that a given search engine throws up for specific “keyword(s).” Ranking high on relevant keywords ensures a better click-through rate as well as improved chances of prospect conversion. Creative Lipi specializes in helping clients achieve their search engine marketing goals through a combination of on-page and off-page modifications.

Social Media Optimization or SMO is the art of leveraging popular and relevant social media to market yourself, your opinion, products, and services. Creative Lipi offers a social media optimization service that helps you develop and implement a comprehensive social media strategy customized to your unique goals and requirements, using blogs, video sharing, bookmarking, and forum marketing.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an art and science to make your website visible to them who search for your products and services on the search engines (Ex: Google, Yahoo!, Bing). seo company India, seo services india, best seo company india, best seo provider indiaIt is a known fact that, people hardly ever look beyond second page of results from search engines.

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